Saturday, February 14, 2009

mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser here on Internet.Mozilla Firefox has many versions out now but here it is Mozilla Firefox 3.Mozilla Firefox has given a very good competition to Internet Explorer and almost many people are successful in using Mozilla Firefox now by leaving Internet Explorer.But now Mozilla Firefox is also facing competition with Google Chrome.

Since i saw and since i downloaded Mozilla Firefox i update it regularly because this browser is just superb in using.Mozilla Firefox has many good facilities like speed of browser is just mind blowing.When we are using Mozilla Firefox and opens one or more site in new tab it gets open quickly and we can get facility like bookmarks,Add-ons,Auto Update,Report Web Forgery.Also we can report broken sites.We can have list of history of which sites we have opened.In Mozilla Firefox 3 everything works fine.No Page error comes or there is nothing something like any website does not work.We can able to download anything easily because new box comes while downloading so it will not disturb our current work.
The one thing which i love in this browser is that it tells us if any site is fake and cheater.This option is available as Web Forgery.If we go on site which is cheater and fake than Mozilla Firefox does not allow us to open that site so we will be safe from that site.But one thing i do not like.Sometimes Firefox Firefox does not work well at all.Just last month only every time i open Mozilla Firefox it gets close telling that "Mozilla Firefox has encountered problem and it needs to close".Every time this message comes so i was fed up.I install many times again but the problem did not got solve.So i moved towards Google Chrome.But now again i m using Mozilla Firefox and its working good as before.


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